About Dr Heba

DR . Heba yassin

Dr. Heba Yassin is a psychotherapist and family counselor, writer, lecturer and a life coach who presents programs in the fields of self-development, family, relationships and mental health.

She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy from Tanta University in Egypt in 2000.

our history

She started studying in the field of counseling, psychotherapy and family guidance after her graduation in short time, when she discovered that this field was her real passion, and it would be the way to achieve her mission in life.


So, she started studying (mental health and psychotherapy) at Ain Shams University in Egypt, then (Family Counseling Guidance) at the British Stonebridge University in 2005, and became a certified trainer from (Dr. Ibrahim El-Feki Institute) and (Al Rashid) Emirates Academy in the same year.

After that, she moved to study the field of (psycho-analysis) at (Max Lucher Institute) in Switzerland, then she continued her academic and free studies in all these fields at the hands of leading scholar coaches and trainers from all over the world.

Her practical experience varied in more than one field:


 First: In the field of counseling and consulting:


Provides family and marriage counseling and psychotherapy, since 2006.

Provides the (psycho-analysis) service by using the Luescher test since 2019.


Second: In the field of journalism:

 She wrote many articles and constant columns in many Egyptian newspapers, for example:

* The weekly section (Open Your Heart with Dr. Heba Yassin) in (Al-Youm Al-Sabaa) newspaper for 4 years.

* Section (He and she) in Al-Watan newspaper.

* Monthly section (Talk to Dr. Heba Yassin) in (Kelmetna) magazine for 4 years.

* Monthly section (You Are Not Alone) in (Hijab Fashion) magazine for 5 years.

* Weekly article in (Akhbar El-hawadeth) magazine.

Third: In the field of visual media:

She presented many constant TV spots in many television programs on various Egyptian and Arab satellite channels, and on YouTube channels, for example:

* Her own program (Have mercy on yourself) in 2021, on her official YouTube channel.

* Her own program (Open Your Heart) for the 2 seasons of 2020, on her official YouTube channel.

* Her own program (Failure Story) in 2019, on her official YouTube channel.

* Her own program (Be Aware) in 2017, on her official YouTube channel.

* The (3 tips with Dr. Heba Yassin) TV spot in (Mn El-qalb L el-qalb) program on MBC channel, for 2 years.

* The (Human Relationships) TV spot in (Sa’a Maa Sharif) program on Al-Mehwar channel, for 2 years.

* She also presented a TV spot titled by (Love and its situations) in the program (Ezz Al-Shabab) on (Rotana Masriya) channel, for 3 years.

* The (Difficult Characters) TV spot in the program (Enty Ahla Maa Amina Shelbaya) on (Sada Al-Balad) channel.

* The (For a better life) TV spot in the program (Akher Moda) on Dream Channel, for 3 years.

Fourth: In the field of writing and literary production:

She has published 16 books so far:

1) (Don’t hate yourself) 2006.

2) (Find your other half) 2008.

3) (The taste of honey) in 2009.

4) (The Pains of Women) in 2010.

5) (He didn’t overcome Egypt) in 2011.

6) (My husband, Chat and Girls) 2013.

7) (Love that stifles) in 2014.

8) (XLarge) in 2015.

9) (Where are you, peace of mind?) 2016.

10) (God’s Gates) 2017.

11) (What we do not say about love) in 2018.

12) Children’s story series (How should I act when I’m alone?) in 2018.

13) (What we do not know about life) in 2019.

14) (Paradise of the World) in the year 2020.

15) (Do not be afraid and do not grieve) in the year 2020.

16) Children’s stories series (easy answers for your son’s difficult questions) in 2020.

17) (forgive your self) in 2022

Fifth: In the field of training & coaching:

Presented a lot of seminars, lectures and training courses, in many organizations and universities, and public and